La bonroudeuse


Who am I?

“La bonroudeuse” is a word I invented mixing two french words to sums up my passion for traveling and wellness.

My name is Chloé, and in my previous life I was living in Paris where I was working as a digital project manager. Because of my job, I used to be ultra-connected and always running everywhere like a real “Parisian”. Even when going to my weekly yoga class… But during my practice, between two to-do lists, I was finally slowing down. And for just a moment, I was picturing myself far from Paris and closer to nature. After years of denials, I finally took the big decision to quit my life to start a big travel by myself. In April 2018, I took one way ticket to Bali without any plans and I ended up visiting Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Traveling alone enabled me to meet inspiring people from all around the world and explore different lifestyles. It brought me closer to my creativity and my spiritual side. Now I am back in Europe and living in Luxembourg where I started my own business in digital marketing and I am also teaching Hatha Yoga.


I first started yoga because I wanted to alleviate my anxiety and my cervical pains. I was not flexible at all and never have been consistent in any sportive activity before… Over months and after trying different types of yoga, I started to feel more connected to myself and my own desires. For the first time, I listened my inner voice and my lifestyle radically changed. Therefore I went to Asia where I started a spiritual journey and where I practiced yoga in beautiful places surrounded with amazing people. I learned about therapeutic yoga and alignment on the island of Ko Phangan in Thailand during one month of YTC. You can find my yoga classes here. If you’d like to discuss with me, feel free to fill the contact form or email me at >